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Welding Technology for Pipelines, Petrochemical, Aerospace, Nuclear, Food & Pharmaceuticals

Centrator specialises in the manufacture and supply of Internal Line-Up Clamps (ILUC) with built-in purging systems.

Used to accurately align pipes and cylindrical components for circumferential welding.

Manual and Hydraulic ILUCs

Increasing demand for higher quality welds means that accurate alignment of the weld joint is essential, especially when semi-automatic / orbital Tig welding techniques are used.

Our range of equipment allows these techniques to be used more successfully, with contamination free welds ensured by purge systems built into the clamps.

About Us

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Hydraulic ILUCs for Duplex stainless steel

Our experience in the pipe welding field since 1980 ensures we are able to supply the most appropriate tooling for the job.

Centrator line up clamps are sold worldwide, with over 80% of sales being for export.

Our success is based on our ability to design, manufacture and supply high quality equipment that fully meets our customers needs.


Manual Internal Line-Up Clamps

Manual ILUCs are used to accurately align and back purge components, for welding by hand or with orbital welding heads.

Widely used when welding :-

  • Stainless steel tube, fittings, valve and filter bodies, for the food, dairy, brewery, chemical, bio-technology, cryogenics and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Non-ferrous materials such as copper-nickel pipework for ships and submarines.

When mounted into turntables and lathes, these same manual ILUCs become a versatile system for welding pipework and circumferential components.

Aerospace Internal Line-Up Clamps


Manual Internal Line-Up Clamps

Aerospace Internal Line-Up Clamps

Light duty clamps with pneumatic operation used when welding the thin walled tube used in the aerospace industry.

Aerospace ILUCs for :-

  • Stainless steel tube
  • Titanium tube
  • Aluminium tube

Special shortened versions allow removal of the clamp through bends and elbows.


Aerospace Internal Line-Up Clamps

Pipeline Welding Internal Line-Up Clamps

Hydraulically expanded clamps provide the power to handle the thicker wall pipes. With built-in purge systems to protect the underbead from contamination, these clamps are used when Tig welding stainless steel and specialist steels.

Projects include :-

  • Pre-fabrication of stainless steel clad pipework.
  • Welding magnet housings for a particle accelerator

With additional purge dams and purge sampling ports, these Pipeline Welding ILUCs are used for Duplex Stainless Steel.

Projects include :-

  • Cross country and Offshore duplex and super duplex pipelines.
  • Gas processing plant duplex pipework.


Pipeline Welding Internal Line-Up Clamps

Special Purpose Internal Line-Up Clamps

Special clamps designed to meet customers specific needs are an important part of Centrators business.

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Special Purpose Internal Line-Up Clamps


Please feel free to download the leaflets below which are available as PDF’s
Centrator-BG Manual Operation Internal Alignment & Purge Gas Equipment for Tig Welding Pipes.


Centrator Pipeline Welding Clamps with Hydraulic Operation & Purge System.


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